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The ABAX Workbook for New Words and Expressions

By Hugh Graham-Marr

  • A vocabulary notebook and much more
  • For adult and young adult students of English

developing student autonomy


For high school and above. A vocabulary notebook designed to have your students record any new words or expressions in context and to help them take responsibility for the words they learn.

How the ABAX Workbook works:

Student choice and responsibility
Students choose and record the words and expressions they want and need — from texts, from classroom study, from newspapers and magazines, from real-life experiences.

Reviewing and recycling and fixing firmly into memory
Students record words in context in easy-to-follow templates and review them in frequent and varied review exercises.

The Workbook is designed to help students:

  • choose words they want and need
  • think about words in context
  • learn which words go together and how words work together
  • review and recycle words through meaningful tasks and activities

Includes 28 pages of review exercises to recycle students through the words they themselves have collected.

ISBN : 978-4-900819-00-9 Price: ¥968 (¥880)
Level ISBN Included with text Price
ages 16 and up 978-4-900819-00-9 supplementary text ¥968 (¥880)
Included with text Free online(s) Sold separately
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